Activate your inner healer

Activate your inner healer

Aurélienne Dauguet

Gesundheit, Ernährung & Fitness


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Erscheinungsdatum: 30.08.2023

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Activate your inner healer

This book offers many easy techniques and exercises to activate your inner healer.
Dependence on institutions and one-sided knowledge contribute to the fact that man is increasingly removed from his innate wisdom.
It is time to reconnect with our body and become comfortable with its responses so we can use them for our health and well-being.
It is beneficial to feel and perceive our sensations and emotions in order to trust our inner security.
It is useful to create clarity in our heads to receive promptings and higher guidance.
It is essential to become one again with our limitless and eternal aspect.
With the support of our inner healer and our natural healing powers, we are all-powerful beings and capable of much more than we think.
Regular workshops deepen and anchor this knowledge using concrete methods and practice.
Aurélienne Dauguet

Aurélienne Dauguet

Aurélienne Dauguet (born in Paris in 1953) has a pronounced subtle perception ability since her youth.
Initially working as a nurse (additional psychiatry), she is now a lecturer at the Paracelsus Schools in Germany and Switzerland for aura therapy, subtle radionics, the dying process from a holistic perspective, spiritual healing, etc.
The current range of courses is available from the Paracelsus schools.
Further training: Lithotherapy, aura work, aromatherapy, flower and precious stone essences dowsing, subtle radionics (without device), "Radionic Practitioner" after the "British Radionic Association" and with David Tansley, Aura Soma Training with Vicky Wall. Aurélienne Dauguet was an Aura Soma teacher.
The teaching and seminar activities on the subject of aura take place throughout Europe.
For about 30 years she has been offering reading and cleaning of the aura, psychic writing, individual sessions, one-to-one lessons and remote support in German, English and French, both in her own rooms and by telephone.


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