A Fractured North

A Fractured North

Facing Dilemmas

Erich Kasten (Hrsg.), Igor Krupnik (Hrsg.), Gail Fondahl (Hrsg.)

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Geistes-, Sozial- & Kulturwissenschaften


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ISBN-13: 9783942883412

Verlag: Verlag der Kulturstiftung Sibirien

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.04.2024

Sprache: Englisch

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The remarkable opening of Siberia and the Russian Arctic to international social science research, starting in the early 1990s, has given rise to the spirit of cooperation, innova- tive partnerships, and the co-production of knowledge across boundaries and academic cultures. These interactions and the heartfelt relationships built by years of collabora- tions are now suspended or at least highly constrained after February 2022. This volume's essays explore various dimensions of the newly fractured North and of the war's impact that poses dilemmas to field practitioners. In this three-part volume, the first in the "Fractured North" series, scholars with decades-long experience in northern Russia document the breakdown of collegial relationships as state control has intensified. Early career professionals consider the ruinous impacts on their planned research trajectories and the new methods of "distant" anthropology. The volume includes several historical essays about the dilemmas that scholars encountered in the face of past repressive regimes and connection breakdowns, and what we might learn from how they dealt with these challenges.

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Erich Kasten

Erich Kasten (Hrsg.)

Erich Kasten is ethnologist from Berlin who has done research with the First Nations in the Canadian Pacific Northwest and in Northeastern Siberia. He is the director of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures (Kulturstiftung Siberien) in Fürsten- berg/Havel, Germany.

Igor Krupnik

Igor Krupnik (Hrsg.)

Igor Krupnik is curator of Arctic and Northern ethnological collections at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, USA. He publishes extensively on indigenous adaptations to social and environmental change, history of research in the polar regions, and the value of museum, archival, and photographic collections to northern Indigenous people.

Gail Fondahl

Gail Fondahl (Hrsg.)

Gail Fondahl is Professor emerita of Geography at the University of Northern British Columbia, Canada. Her research focuses on Indigenous rights in the Russian north, including the changing spaces that legal reforms permit, and their materializa- tion as laws are invoked, interpreted and implemented in place.

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