A Comparative Study of Women Issues

A Comparative Study of Women Issues

Seldag Günes Peschke (Hrsg.), Lutz Peschke (Hrsg.)

Gesellschaft, Politik & Medien


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ISBN-13: 9783748160823

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Erscheinungsdatum: 26.11.2018

Sprache: Englisch

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In this book, different subjects are discussed related with women issues which is prepared with the cooperation of academicians and the practitioners from different countries. The chapters are mainly generated from the view of human rights principles on women and offers the theories, besides the practices from several countries within the discussion of the experts from different aspects. This study will contribute to the academic world, as it brings various perspectives to the women issues in national and international level.
The book consists of six parts; Women and Law, Women in Economy, Women and Society, Women and Health, Women and Media, Women in Science and Education.

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Seldag Günes Peschke

Seldag Günes Peschke (Hrsg.)

Prof. Dr. Seldag Günes Peschke was graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law and finished her master and phd in Ankara University Institute of Social Sciences. Since 2015 she is working as a professor of Comparative Private Law in Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University Faculty of Law. She was the scholar of DAAD and Max Planck Institute (2006-2012). In the recent years, she organised two International Women's Congresses in Ankara/Turkey (2016) and Como/Italy (2018). She is active in many academic women networks.

Lutz Peschke

Lutz Peschke (Hrsg.)

Dr. Dr. Lutz Peschke was graduated in chemistry (Ph.D 1996 at Heidelberg University) and media studies (Ph.D 2018 at Bonn University). He is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Design at Bilkent University and teaches digital cultures and communication studies. Since more than 15 years, he produces and directs science festivals and scientific stage evens in Germany (e.g. IdeenExpo in Hanover and the annual science festival Highlights of Physics) and consults the Federal Ministry of Research and Education as well as the big German science societies like Max-Planck, Helmholtz and the German Physical Society in the subject of science communication. He is engaged in different Erasmus plus projects, e.g. "Let's science: Development and Implementation of Social - Science Training Program for Young Refugees" (2017-2019) and "POWER: Empowerment of Youth on Renewable Energy for Sustainable Societies" (since 2018).

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