7 Habits That Make You Rich

7 Habits That Make You Rich

Create the Wealth You Want

Thomas Buffett

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ISBN-13: 9783753477145

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Erscheinungsdatum: 06.04.2021

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What is wealth? Most people would say that wealth is money, yet is this necessarily true? Yes, wealth can be associated with finances, yet there are many forms of wealth including that of personal happiness, family love, knowledge, spiritual abundance and more. How do these substantial additions to wealth fit in the idea and realm of what 'wealth' really is?

Turning the currently accepted concept of wealth on its head, this book explores the many different avenues and paths that wealth can take, and how they can each be used and enhanced to lead to that financial freedom we all seem to crave, by creating wealth building habits in ALL areas of your life.

Seven habits are highlighted and explained, habits that will increase not only your happiness but will allow you to create all the riches you want, both personally and financially. Wealth building is a lifelong process, one that touches on everything that you do and everything that you believe.

This is your first step.
Thomas Buffett

Thomas Buffett

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