23 Ways to Fail an (Agile) Transformation

23 Ways to Fail an (Agile) Transformation

The Ultimate Guide to Eliminating Self-Organization and Employee Motivation

Laura Sophie Aichroth, ST Kambor-Wiesenberg

Wirtschaft & Management


76 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783752620160

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 10.12.2020

Sprache: Englisch

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Laura & ST have been supporting individuals, teams and companies in (agile) change projects for many years. Sometimes this has been very disappointing and frustrating. As a self-therapeutic measure, they began to write short messages in which they satirized or simply quoted their environment. Comments like: "You can do that any way you like, but not like that" or "Testing? We don't do that, it's far too expensive. We implement changes live" or "This is a very good method, but unfortunately it doesn't work for us" or "In the time planning takes, I can also work on something for real" brightened the depressed mood. In the course of time, small drawings were added and the idea for this book was born. To make sure the content is not only negatively connotated, they have described improvement suggestions with each anti-tip.
Laura Sophie Aichroth

Laura Sophie Aichroth

The development of human beings - as individuals and in the system - has always been at the center of Laura's interest. With her background in business and organizational psychology, it is her goal to bring teams and organizations to fulfilling collaboration and value creation - in start-ups, medium-sized and large organizations at home and abroad. In her more than ten years of professional experience, she has inspired and supported individuals and teams to further develop ways of thinking and processes with tools and methods, from know-how to know-why. There are no off-the-shelf solutions, because depending on the context, it is necessary to make use of New Work approaches from the toolbox and to develop suitable solutions. She has worked with IT and non-IT teams.

ST Kambor-Wiesenberg

ST Kambor-Wiesenberg

A bouquet of experience helps in dealing calmly with new situations and challenges. ST moves with ease between the disciplines: He is a trained electronics engineer, computer scientist and physicist, MBA and visual artist. A cross-functional team packed into one individual between craft, technology, culture, society, art and economy. He brings openness, communication skills and a mentality for working with cross-functional teams and helps to build bridges. As an agile coach, he is passionate about getting people and teams to perform at their best on their own initiative. He succeeds in doing this across borders, having already worked in Europe, Asia, the USA and various regions of Germany.

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