12 Principles for Successful Futures Trading

12 Principles for Successful Futures Trading

A Practical Guide for a Successful Start in Trading: Develop High Quality Trading Ideas, Maximize Profits, and Master Trading with the right Psychology

Niclas Hummel

Wirtschaft & Management


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Do you want to navigate the financial markets successfully and profit from futures trading - one of the most profitable wealth-building opportunities? Have you brought enough courage, perseverance, and thirst for knowledge with you? - Then, this book is exactly right for you!

In this book, Futures Trader Niclas Hummel summarizes all the principles for successful trading with futures contracts that he has discovered over his 11 years of experience.

It explains how you too can successfully manage risks. The author adopts a step-by-step approach towards all important topics such as broker and market selection, entry signals, and trade management examples. Other important considerations include: statistics, expectations, and managing mental resources.

"I want trading to serve you and offer a greater risk-reward for your time. Because trading doesn't always mean being active, rather letting the market work for you."

This book is suitable for aspiring and interested derivative traders, and I cover the following products:
- Mini-Futures, Micro-Futures and Options
- Crypto markets: Crypto Perpetual Futures, Decentralized Crypto Derivatives

A good trader has an overview of different asset classes:
- Stock indices / Stocks
- Commodities
- Currencies / Forex / Crypto
- Bonds

How you can profit from the overall market and master the skill of high quality selection of markets and trends has been best described with the principles in this book.

Most traders start out with a negative expectancy value. It is inherent in human nature, that betting on prices with risk and rewards doesn't come natural to us. Each individual principle increases the trader's expectancy value because a new mindset towards opportunities and risks, as well as practical techniques, is taught - until your expectancy value as a trader gets positive and the compounding effect, which is unique to short term futures trading, can take effect.

In futures trading, psychology, technique, product selection, brokers, taxes, and precise methodology are important. All of these topics are explained in detail in this concise book format, so that the reader ultimately gains a comprehensive view of the financial markets and can make clear decisions in the world of trading.

The methodology is further illustrated with example charts and other related graphs.
Niclas Hummel

Niclas Hummel

My name is Niclas Hummel, and I have been actively involved in financial markets for 11 years. I discovered my passion for derivatives early on and made it my mission to learn from the world's greatest speculators and traders - but the market itself is the greatest teacher.

The allure of trading futures contracts and profiting from short-term market movements has always been my guiding principle and remains my most profitable wealth-building strategy to this day.

In addition to traditional futures trading, I have been fascinated by the emerging world of cryptocurrencies. Since 2015, I have been closely following the development of Bitcoin and am a believer in crypto derivatives.

The exciting journey in trading and technology has shaped my life. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with others.

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