The Leg Model

The Leg Model

Read it! Feel it! Cum!

Ny Nyloni

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Erotische Literatur


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ISBN-13: 9783757826567

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Erscheinungsdatum: 04.07.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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Voyeurism, wife sharing, man sharing!
Whatever works, that's the motto of the two main characters in this eBook. The former London model Violet lives with her husband Charly in Munich-Grünwald. Both loves to watch each other, to share the partner with others, with sex and eroticism through shimmering, finely stockinged legs playing a supporting role. For Violet in particular is a leg model of the highest order and a mature, experienced lover who knows how to give her Charly very special pleasures with her long, magnificent benefits.
One day this journey of pleasure picks up speed when the nephew Paul and also the young student Angelika with her tongue pierced friend Yvonne enter the debauched, silky life of the two.
Like a play in three acts, you'll be a front row spectator to the back story of the lives of Ny Nyloni and her husband Paul, two years before they met. Once again, lust as a voyeur and nylon fetishism are portrayed in the wonderful way that only this author can write!
Ny Nyloni

Ny Nyloni

Ny Nyloni (Say Ny like ny in nylon)
Germany´s successful female author of panty hose erotic, wife sharing and MILF fantasies! Queen of opened gusset!
Ny Nyloni is a freelance journalist, describes the lusty satisfaction with silky material in her stories, as nylon lovers have never read before.
Her readers call her "The master of the movies in front of your inner eye" Tasty sex with nice, long legs in pantyhose and high heels!
Hot and sensual sex with beautiful long legs in tights and high heels!
Sex with the seductively shimmering look of beautiful, long legs plays a big role. This is what the author Ny Nyloni writes in her stories. In particular, she portrays the erotic experiences of experienced women with the young men who covet their admirable, mature bodies. For example, from the middle to the end of the last century, tights supplied a charming, special emphasis on the female legs. Not just a few young men were led to early secret, erotic fantasies through touching and watching women who dressed like this. In this manner, Ny Nyloni is fulfilling the secret wishes and dreams of men, who love the classic feminine form and want to learn from these goddesses. "They love my legs. Everything else comes by itself." Marlene Dietrich
The author lives in Munich and on the island of Capri with beloved husband Paul.


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