Reasons.... Life is a Story -

Reasons.... Life is a Story -

Amrei Weber

Selbsthilfe & Recht


72 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783710871146

Verlag: publishing

Erscheinungsdatum: 07.08.2023

Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch

Farbe: Nein

18,00 €

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Countless thoughts dance through my mind every passing day, a symphony of emotions I have chosen to form into inked letters. The melancholic whispers of loneliness, the fiery rage and the yearning for something or someone that could infuse life with glimmers of hope.
Amrei Weber

Amrei Weber

Hello, everyone! I'm Amrei Weber, a literature student and compassionate reader and writer from Hamburg, Germany. My deep love for the English language has fueled my dream of becoming an author someday. I find joy and happiness in immersing myself in the world of books and exploring the power of storytelling. Through my writing, I aspire to captivate readers and evoke emotions that resonate deeply within them.

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