Let´s Make Love on Capri Island

Let´s Make Love on Capri Island

Between the Silky Legs of Ny Nyloni

Ny Nyloni

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ISBN-13: 9783751982177

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Erscheinungsdatum: 26.06.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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First, this eBook is not a travel guide about Capri, although it knows hidden corners, where it is excellent masturbating, with a magnificent view of the azure sea. It is also not a guide to how people have best masturbate. According to the motto, do it here at this point, make it in this way!
This is rather a story of a woman who lives, writes, and loves there. It is my story. And it is me, that I like to live out my nymphomaniac sexuality often and with pleasure, in physical exchange with others like-minded people, of course my husband, but also very often for me alone, in peace and seclusion.
But in this case, I fall in love with a young man from Sweden, who never see before a woman masturbates at a little rock on the cliffs. As luck would have it, he is a nylon lover who watching his fulfilling of wet dreams. Her wearing tights! I show him the real important hot spots of Capri! A ruin orgasm doing by my girlfriend Yvonne, tongue pierced! Anyone who knows me, knows that no gussets stay dry and closed! Flying cum at my island; not only there! The young man is a pure artist in doing freehanded cum! A very wet pleasure!
My regular readers know exactly how and what I like, written down on many pages, which always excite me and after which I also have to calm down again, so to speak, turn my excitement about my own fantasy into exhaustive satisfaction. I like to do this myself and often. Inevitably also much too often via Skype, because my husband Paul, as some of you may know, cannot always live together with me for professional reasons. Since some time, I have chosen my new domicile, where I live mostly alone: The island Capri.
Honest? You can't live more beautifully. What happens there and what I experience there, I write down and let the world take part in it. Who likes it, reads it with pleasure, otherwise there is much better other literature, which is certainly more uplifting, but perhaps not quite as satisfying...!
Ny Nyloni

Ny Nyloni

Ny Nyloni (Say Ny like ny in nylon)
Germany´s successful female author of panty hose erotic, wife sharing and MILF fantasies! Queen of opened gusset!
Ny Nyloni is a freelance journalist, describes the lusty satisfaction with silky material in her stories, as nylon lovers have never read before.
Her readers call her "The master of the movies in front of your inner eye" Tasty sex with nice, long legs in pantyhose and high heels!
Unrestrained but tasty sex with nice, long legs in pantyhose and high heels!
Sex with the seductively shimmering look of beautiful, long legs plays a big role. This is what the author Ny Nyloni writes in her stories. In particular, she portrays the erotic experiences of experienced women with the young men who covet their admirable, mature bodies. From the middle to the end of the last century, pantyhose, for example, provided a delightful, additional emphasis to female legs. Not just a few young men were led to early secret, erotic fantasies through touching and watching women who dressed like this. In this manner, Ny Nyloni is fulfilling the secret wishes and dreams of men, who love the classic feminine form and want to learn from these goddesses. "They love my legs. Everything else comes by itself." Marlene Dietrich
The author lives in Munich and on the island of Capri with beloved husband Paul.

Website: www.nyloni.de

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