Auntie Gisela

Auntie Gisela

The most beautiful way to become a man

Ny Nyloni

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Erotische Literatur


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ISBN-13: 9783757819750

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Erscheinungsdatum: 19.06.2023

Sprache: Englisch

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The beautiful Gisela is a twenty-six-year-old neighbour with whom little Jens from the apartment next door spends an exciting time in 1959 Germany. He affectionately calls her Auntie Gisela. For him it is an increasingly exciting relationship, for Gisela a normal babysitting job when his parents are sometimes not at home. One day, while playing with his toy cars, he discovers her beautiful, shimmering legs under the kitchen table and the foundation for his love of fine yarn is laid! In his shy fantasy, she becomes his mistress without suspecting it (or does she?), but it is not until after his eighteenth birthday that his everlasting longing to fulfil all his dreams is fulfilled!
The author describes in her inimitable and romantic way how little Jens becomes a real nylon lover with the now forty-year-old Gisela, whom he still calls Auntie.
A German Milf story, as it has not yet been written. One of her greatest successes in Germany, now also translated into English.
Ny Nyloni

Ny Nyloni

Ny Nyloni (Say Ny like the ny in nylon)
Germany´s most successful female author of pantyhose eroticism, wife/man-sharing, and MILF fantasies! Queen of open gussets!
Ny Nyloni is a freelance journalist, describes the lusty satisfaction with silky material in her stories, as nylon lovers have never read before. Her readers call her "The master of movies in the mind's eye". Unbridled but tasteful sex with beautiful long legs in pantyhose and high heels!
Sex with the seductive shimmering look of beautiful, long legs plays a significant role. Wife sharing and man sharing, swinger club sex. That is what the author Ny Nyloni writes in her stories. She also describes the erotic experiences of sophisticated women with men who desire their admirable, mature bodies. From the middle to the end of the last century, pantyhose provided a delightful, additional emphasis on the female legs. Quite a few young men were tempted into early secret erotic fantasies by touching and looking at women dressed in this way.
Ny Nyloni fulfils the secret desires and wet dreams of men who love the classic female form and want to learn from these goddesses.
" They love my legs. Everything else happens by itself" Marlene Dietrich.
The author lives in Munich and on the island of Capri with beloved husband Paul.


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